The Structures
Technical Committee (STR TC)

The Structures Technical Committee of the ESS has the mandate of promoting the research and development of structures and structural materials technologies for application in satellites, spacecraft and space transportation vehicles. This includes highly loaded primary structures, advanced light-weight structures, stable structures and active structures. The field of interest of the Committee covers all current and future structures and structures subsystem design and verification technologies, including design and analysis tools, manufacturing methodologies, test facilities and related test methods for the design, development and AIV of structures.


To carry out its mandate, the Committee will make use of several instruments and media, such as the organisation of thematic workshops and symposia, promoting and facilitating the publication

of articles in technical journals, and the preparation of position papers. In addition, the Committee will maintain an important link with the European space industry as well as European universities and research institutes, in order to promote the awareness of advanced structures technology developments among future professionals and to facilitate the contacts between industry and academia in this field.

Furthermore, the Committee will act as a reference for contacts with Technical Committees of other international professional associations outside Europe.

Technical Committee Composition

Chair:     Henriksen, T (ESA/ESTEC – The Netherlands)
       Bricout, J.N. (CNES Toulouse – France)
Members:    Prof. Baier, H. TU Munich – Germany
       Buffe, J. Alcatel (Alenia Space (Cannes) – France)
       Bureo, R.. (ESA/ESTEC – The Netherlands)
       Capitaine, A (EADS Astrium Toulouse – France)
       Gaudenzi, P. (La Sapienza Uni Rome – Italy)
       Graham, R. (EADS Astrium – United Kingdom)
       Gualtieri, N. (Alcatel Alenia Space (Torino)) – Italy
       Louaas, E. (CNES Evry – France)
       Marucchi Chierro, P.C. (Alcatel Alenia Space (Torino) – Italy)
       Molinero, (V.G. EADS CASA – Spain)
       Pellegrino, S. (CALTECH – USA)
       Reimerdes, H.G. (RWTH Aachen – Germany)
       Rittweger, A. (EADS Bremen – Germany)
       Rohwer, K. (DLR – Germany)
       Rolfes, R (University Hannover – Germany)
       Romberg, O (OHB System Bremen – Germany)
       Santiago Prowald, J. (ESA/ESTEC – The Netherlands)
       Thomsen, O. (Aalborg University – Denmark)
       Usinger, R. (Contraves – Switzerland)
       Wijker, J. (EADS/Dutch Space – The Netherlands)
       Windisch. M. (MT Aerospace – Germany)