The Propulsion
Technical Committee

The Propulsion Technical Committee of the ESS has the mandate of promoting the research, development, and application of propulsion devices, subsystems, and systems for auxiliary and primary propulsion of satellites, spacecraft and space transportation vehicles. The field of interest of the Committee covers both current and future propulsion development and concepts, not excluding related subjects such as tools, facilities and instrumentation for the design, development and AIV of propulsion systems.

To carry out its mandate, the Committee will make use of several instruments and media, such as the organisation of thematic workshops and symposia, the use of articles on technical journals, the preparation of position papers, etc. In addition, the Committee will maintain an important link with European Universities in order to promote the awareness of propulsion-related subject among future professionals and to facilitate the contacts between industry and academia in this field.

Furthermore, the Committee will act as a reference for contacts with Technical Committees of other international professional associations outside Europe.

Technical Committee Membership

Saccoccia G. (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Schlechtriem S. (DLR, Germany)

Amand, P-G. (SNPE, France)
Arrat D. (CNES/Toulouse, France)
Balduccini M. (ELV, Italy)
Biagioni L. (ALTA, Italy)
Breteau J. (ESA/HQ, France)
Broquere B (SNECMA, France)
Ciucci A. (ESA/HQ, France)
Ford M. (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Fortunier P. (CNES/Evry, France)
Gale D. (EADS-ASTRIUM, United Kingdom)
Gibbon D. (SURREY STL, United Kingdom)
Gonzalez Del Amo J. (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)
Gruslin M. (TECHSPACE Aero, Brussels)
Langel G. (EADS-ST, Germany)
Lecardonnel L. (ALCATEL-ALENIA, France)
Lillo F. (AVIO, Italy)
Mollerberg R. (SWEDISH SPACE CORP., Sweden)
Palmnas U. (VOLVO Aero, Sweden)
Pessana M. (ALCATEL-ALENIA, Italy)
Rossi F. (ASI, Italy)
Stuhlberger J. (EADS-ST, Germany)
Valentian D. (SNECMA, France)
Wallace N. (QINETIQ, France)
Yribarren J.-P. (SNECMA, France)