Guidance, Navigation and Control

Technical Committee

The CEAS Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) Technical Committee promotes scientific and technical excellence in the fields of GNC in aerospace by organizing a biennial conference.

The European Aerospace GNC Conference serves as a platform for communication and information exchange between specialists involved in the development of novel GNC methods, applications or technologies.

Papers are accepted based on a formal review process. Accepted papers are being made accessible to attendees in electronic form. A selected set of papers will be published in a Springer book, which will be available at the conference

Previous EuroGNC Conferences

EuroGNC 2019

3-5 April 2019 in Milano, Italy

Organized by Politecnico di Milano

EuroGNC 2017

25-27 April 2017 in Warsaw, Poland

Organized by Warsaw University of Technology

EuroGNC 2015

13-15 April in Toulouse, France

Organized by ONERA, ISAE and ENAC

EuroGNC 2013 

10-12 April 2013 in Delft, The Netherlands

Organized by TU Delft


13-15 April 2011 in Munich. Germany 

Organized by DGRL, TU München

Tecnhical Committee Membership

Daniel Alazard, ISAE, France

Mark Balas, University of Wyoming, USA

Samir Bennani, ESA/ESTEC, Netherlands

Daniel Choukroun, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Isreal

John Crassidis, University of Buffalo, USA

Jörg Dittrich, DLR, Germany

Boguslaw Dolęga, Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland

Chris Edwards, University of Leicester, UK 

Pierre Fabre, Airbus, France

Patrick Fabiani, ONERA, France

Walter Fichter, ONERA, France

Chris Fielding, BAE Systems, UK

Benoit Frapard, EADS Astrium, France

Robert Glębocki, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Luisella Guillicchi, ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands

Martin Hagström, Swedish Defense Research Agency, Sweden

Florain Holzapfel, Technische Universität München, Germany

Eric Johnson, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Erik-Jan van Kampen, TU Delft, Netherlands

Karl-Heinz Kienitz, ITA, Brasil

Youdan Kim, Seoul National University, South Korea

Gertjan Looye, DLR, Germany

Marco Lovera, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Mark Lowenberg, Bristol University, UK

Robert Luckner, Berlin Technical University, Germany

Felix Mora-Camino, ENAC, France

Bob Mulder, TU Delft, Netherlands

Janus Nerkiewicz, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Guillermo Ortega, ESA, The Netherlands

Henry de Plinval, ONERA, France

Charles Pussot-Vassal, ONERA, France

Arthur Richards, Bristol University, UK

Stephan Theil, DLR, Germany

Frank Thielecke, TU Hamburg, Germany

Andrzej Tomczyck, Rzeszów University of Technology, Poland

Coen C. de Visser, TU Delft, Netherlands

Ali Zolghadri, IMS Bordeaux, France

Spilios Theodoulis, French-German Research Institute of Saint-Louis (ISL)

Nicolas Fezans, German Aerospace Center DLR, Germany

Maarten Uijt de Haag, Ohio University, USA

Alexander Köthe, Berlin Technical University, Germany

Adres Marcos, University of Bristol, UK