The Robotics
Technical Committee

The Robotics Technical Committee of the ESS has the mandate of promoting the research, development, and application of Automation and Robotics in Space. The Committee will promote activities that cover specification, development, verification, operation and utilisation of space automation and robotics systems. Such systems include
– space robot systems (comprising both arm based systems for inspection, servicing and assembly of space system infrastructure or payloads and mobile robots for surface exploration on celestial bodies) and
– Space laboratory automation and payload control systems in manned and unmanned missions.

To carry out its mandate, the Robotics Technical Committee will establish thematic working groups and actively support the organisation of existing symposia and conferences in the field of competence.

Important activities of the Robotics Technical Committee will be support and promotion of publications in relevant scientific and technical journals, and preparation of position and white papers.

Finally, the Committee will maintain an active link with existing research networks (such as the EU EURON), European Universities, and industrial lobbies (such as the EU technology platforms EUROP and ESTP) in order to promote the awareness of Space Automation and Robotics among future professionals and to facilitate the contacts between industry and academia in this field.


Technical Committee Membership

(Nominations to be confirmed)

Hirzinger G. (DLR, Germany)
Visentin G. (ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands)

Maurette M. (CNES/Toulouse, France)
Chatila R. (LAAS/Toulouse, France)
Olivieri A. (ASI/Italy)
Rovetta A. (PoliMI/Italy)
Magnani P. (Galileo Avionica/Italy)
Armada M. (IAI/Spain)
Siegwart R.( ETH/Switzerland)
Manzoni D. (CSAG/Switzerland)
Manzoni D. (CONTRAVES SPACE, Switzerland)
Stramigioli S. (Univ Twente/ The Netherlands)
Wakker K. (SRON/ The Netherlands)
Heemskerk C. (Dutch Space/ The Netherlands)
Paetsch W. (ASTRIUM ST/Germany)
Landzettel K. (DLR/Germany)
Barnes D. (Univ. Wales/UK)
Ellery A. (Surrey Univ. SSTL/UK)
Preumont A. (ULB/Belgium)
Bruynincks H. (KUL/Belgium)
Bruhn F, Uppsala (Univ/Sweden)
Halme A. (HUT/Finland)
Trahanias P. (FORTH/Greece)
Sentierio J. (ISR/Portugal)