The Space Committees

The Technical Committees help CEAS achieve the goal of strengthening European aerospace cooperation.

A number of Technical Committees are active within CEAS. The committees consist of professionals and experts active in organizing events, conducting reviews, exchange information. Membership of these groups are a good mix of subject matter (and recognized) experts in their field from various nations and CEAS member societies, representing industry, research establishments, agencies and academia. 

The Structures Technical Committee 

Headed by T. Henrisken of ESA/ESTEC and J.N. Bricout of CNES

The Thermal Technical Committee

Headed by W. Supper of ESA/ESTEC and R. Briet of CNES

The ECLS Technical Committee

Headed by C. Lasseur of ESA/ESTEC and F. Spiro of CNES

The Mechanics Techical Committee

Headed by G. Migliorero of ESA/ESTEC and A. Borrien of CNES

The Robotics Technical Comittee

Headed by G. Hirzinger of DLR and G. Visentin of ESA/ESTEC 

The Propulsion Technical Committee

Headed by G. Saccoccia of ESA/ESTEC and S.Schlechtriem of DLR

The Aerothermodynamics Technical Committee

Headed by J.Longo of ESA/ESTEC and K.Hanneman of DLR

The GNC Technical Committee

Headed by S. Theil of DLR and M.Lovera of Politecnico di Milano

The High-Speed Vehicles Science and Technology Committee (HiSST)

Headed by S. Theil of DLR and M.Lovera of Politecnico di Milano

The Mission Design and Space Systems Technical Committee

Headed by J.Gavira of ESA

The Satellite Communications Technical Committee

Headed by R. Wattenbach of DLR

The Power Technical Committee