Upcoming CEAS Events

Below you can find a sorted list of upcoming events organized by CEAS or its member societies.

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Aerospace Europe CEAS 2017 Conference

16-20 October 2017 / Bucharest

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21st Workshop of the Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee of the CEAS

“Aircraft Noise Generated from Ducted or Un-Ducted Rotors”

September 13-15, 2017 Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

The Aeroacoustics Specialists Committee (ASC) of the Council of European Aerospace Societies (CEAS) announces its 21st international scientific workshop. This year the topic of the workshop is “Aircraft Noise Generated from Ducted or Un-Ducted Rotors”. The workshop welcomes contributors from industry, universities and research establishments.

Scope of the workshop
The workshop will focus on rotor noise in the domain of aviation, including sources relating to the installation of rotors on the aircraft. Research activity detailing developments in un-ducted propulsion systems such as CROR/Turbo-Prop/Unducted Single Fan (USF) etc. are welcome. In addition, the scope of the workshop includes ducted rotor noise originating in turbomachinery or compressors. Topics on which contributions are invited include, but are not restricted to:

- Developments in Analytical Methods
-Results and Analysis from Measurement Campaigns
-Novel Measurement Methods
- Modelling and Computational Analysis Providing Novel Insight
-Sound Generation Through Rotor Installation and Related Inflow Inhomogeneity

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23th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference

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17 June 2017

18th International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics (IFASD)

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17 July 2017 / Como, It

13th European Workshop on Aircraft Design Education (EWADE 2017)

Bucharest, October 2017


Upcoming CEAS Members’ Events


New Materials, Structures and Manufacturing Methods for Aerospace Use

Sheffield, 5 April 2017

We will be holding the Structures and Materials 2017 Conference ‘New Materials, Structures and Manufacturing Methods for Aerospace Use’ on Wednesday 5th April 2017 and there is still time for you to secure your place. The scope of the conference will examine the potential of and challenges for new materials, manufacturing methods and structural forms in aerospace structures.

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The Architecture of Air Travel: Designing for Human Behaviour

London, 24 April 2017

This conference will develop a better understanding of passenger behaviour in designing better air travel ecosystems and to forecast future opportunities and challenges.

The conference will cover:
- The Future of Air Travel
- Architectures of Air Travel – Eliciting Desired Behaviours
- Airport Master Plans – Bringing forward the future

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Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity

London, 7 June 2017

With the ever evolving airborne connectivity technology base and digital aviation journey, the complexity facing operators is increasing. This event will to be present an informative overview of the connectivity technologies today and in the future as well as the cybersecurity regulations, methods and products being explored in order to protect the industry.

CFD and MDO- State of the Art and the Future

London, 16-17 October 2017

This two-day meeting with invited speakers will discuss the current state-of-the art in CFD and MDO capabilities and how these could and should evolve and develop to meet the demands and requirements of future programmes. Such programmes could involve the application of CFD and MDO data and processes to the engineering of aircraft, UAVs, helicopters, automobiles, weapons, space vehicles, land vehicles, maritime vessels etc…

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9th European Congress ERTS2 2018 (Embedded Real Time Software and Systems)

Toulouse, Jan. 31st - Feb 2nd, 2018

The ERTS2 congress created by the late Jean-Claude Laprie in 2002 is a unique European cross sector event on Embedded Software and Systems, a platform for top-level scientists with representatives from universities, research centres, agencies and industries. The previous editions gathered more than 100 talks, 500 participants and 60 exhibitors.

ERTS2 is both:
•a conference with high level scientific and technical presentations,
•an exhibition forum covering a wide range of innovative products and services, for improving direct relationship
between providers and users, •a unique community spirit: knowledge sharing, unforgettable moments and networking opportunities.

The conference encourages submission of research contribution, research - industrial transfer, industrial feed- backs on new technologies and position papers on major trends.

The ninth edition targets all the domains where embedded systems are crucial, such as especially, but not limited to, transportation (aeronautics, automotive, railway, subway, marine, unmanned vehicle, satellite and space exploration), telecommunications and wireless connectivity, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial control, Defence, e-healthcare and home automation. This edition focuses on publications bringing innovative ideas cross-fertilizing intelligent transportation and IoT.

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