Technical Committees

• increase global visibility of European aviation competences (sciences), aviation events and publications
• support knowledge exchange between subject matter experts (at an European level)
• encourage scientists to publish the outcome of their research in the CEAS Aeronautical and Space Journals as significant European peer-reviewed aerospace journals
• and to enhance scientific and technical quality of events / conferences by aggregating expertise (speakers, program committee membership)

a number of Technical Committees are active within CEAS. The committees consist of professionals and experts active in organizing events, conducting reviews, exchange information. Membership of these groups are a good mix of subject matter (and recognized) experts in their field from various nations, representing industry, research establishments, agencies and academia. The TCs are divided into two sections:
• Aeronautical Branch
• Space Branch

Additionally, several network groups consist around topics in the aeronautical industry.

Aeronautical Committees

The Chairman of the Aeronautical Branch is Christophe Hermans (German-Dutch Wind Tunnels).

Space Committees

The Space Committees cover the different sections of the space industry.
This branch is divided into eleven sections, with 18 committees in total;

- Structures
- Thermal
- Mechanisms
- Robotics
- Propulsion
- Aerothermodynamics
- Power
- Mission design and space systems
- Satellite Communications

The Chairman of the Space Branch is Constantinos Stavrinidis (ESA)

Aeronautical Networks

The aeronautical networks center around active topics in the aeronautical industry and bring together members of the industry to collaborate.