CPMIS (Conference Programming Management Information System)

The CEAS and ASD have created an innovative tool so-called “CPMIS” (Conference Programming Management Information System), the aim of which is to facilitate the search of the different aerospace events in the world that are programmed at short and mid-term time horizon, and so allowing to optimise the scheduling of future events by avoiding possible overlapping and redundancies, but on the contrary to encourage cooperations and synergies between the actors concerned.

The events are listed according to several key criteria, including the name and details of the organiser, the location of the event, the date and its main and sub-categories regarding the sector. These variables create an easy-to-use interactive tool which will generate the biggest list of possible results.

Its role is therefore double: information on the one hand, conference programming enabler on the other.

A search engine selects the events according to specific topics and key words. A graphic display (day, week and months view) eases the access and the view.

• 4 TYPES: Conference, Workshop, Lecture, Air Show

• 6 MAIN CATEGORIES: Aeronautical sciences - Aerospace (for events including all aspects of aviation and space) – Civil Aviation – Air power – Space – Students and Young Professionals.

• 64 SUB – CATEGORIES: aeroacoustics – aeroelasticity – aerodynamics, etc.

Automatic Insertion of New Events by the Organisers Themselves:

• Go to http://www.aerospace-events.eu

• Click on the “introduction” text

• Redirected on the New Event Form, you have to click on this form and to enter your event related information, validate, click on Save and send.


postmaster@aerospace-events.eu is the general address for any question and requests;

– Marc de Champs, responsible for the CPMIS computerized tool management at ASD (AeroSpace and Defence industry associations of Europe): marc.dechamps@asd.europe.org

– Jean-Pierre Sanfourche, CEAS, responsible for the Events Calendar permanent updating and validation: jpsanfourche@dbmail.com